About Grannie Panties

In 2011 I picked up cross-stitch for the first time since I was an adolescent. I didn't want to make the fuddy-duddy sorts of things I did when my grandmother taught me back in the 1980's. I purchased PC Stitch and began working. The first pattern I made is still my most popular pattern; "Damn, it feels good to be a gangster".

I had been selling vintage Goodwill finds for a while on Etsy but had grown tired of the entire process of mailing items, in Yuma, during the winter, when the town was flush with snowbirds. I decided to try and sell my pattern as a downloadable PDF and the rest is history. I now offer over one hundred patterns and printables and have branched out into designing t-shirts as well.

I've recently added a Wacom tablet and Adobe Illustrator to my arsenal and am excited about the possibilities that await.


I turned 40 in 2016 and currently live in Phoenix with my amazing 15 year old son, three cats, and an African grey parrot. I also live with ankylosing spondylitis, borderline personality disorder, and PTSD.

I was a Dallas Police officer for almost 10 years when, in 2006, I was forced to take a disability retirement due to an on-duty injury I sustained during a fight while working patrol. I really struggled at first adjusting to not working. I didn't realize how much of who I was had been built around my career. I went through a cross-country move and a divorce during this time as well and found myself quite lost, existentially. It became more difficult as my chronic pain worsened. I finally found some relief when, in 2014, I obtained my medical marijuana license. I was able to move around for the first time in years and lost 160lbs. I saw my creativity flourish and found that I was able to fix so many broken parts of me with the introspection that marijuana facilitates.

I have always been creative but I grew up in a family where practicality was encouraged and a career as an artist was never considered an option. Being able to use my creativity to supplement my income has been one of the most fulfilling, empowering things I have ever experienced. After several very dark periods of depression I have been able to find new purpose and meaning in expressing myself this way. Art has been the single most transformative endeavor I have undertaken. My son has now taken an interest in his own artistic talents as a result and I couldn't be prouder.


What Grannie Panties Offers

In addition to a wide selection of counted cross stitch patterns I also offer printable wall hangings for the less-crafty. I  can design business cards, invitations, greeting cards, stationary, and tags. Custom cross-stitch patterns are also available for $12 and up.

Collaborative work with other artists is something I am very interested in so if you want to smash our art together and see what kind of mutant baby we can make please contact me!

The long term goal right now is to save up capital to print my most popular patterns and put together complete kits with DMC floss, a hoop, needles, cloth, and a pattern. I would then like to attend local craft fairs and art festivals and see how they sell.


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You can find this counted cross-stitch pattern and printable wall art at GranniePanties.etsy.com for $6 ea. The pattern comes with a traditional version and a newer design.
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